20 Best Call To Actions For Your Videos

admin October 25, 2022 - 5:47 am

The other name of the Call to action is the virtual handshake with your viewer. A call to action is something you tell the viewer what to do after watching the video. It is the last step you add after making the video content. 

Many video contenders do not consider it necessary, but it is an essential part of any video. It adds the purpose to the video that what a viewer will do in immediate response after finishing it.

Adding CTA’s and trending Hashtags to videos is the main part of the video marketing strategy. It inspires the viewers to view your website or take a different action. In this way, they engage with more of your content and drive up the lead score.

How To Choose Call To Actions For Your Videos?

You can choose what CTA’s you should add when you know the point of your video. Ask yourself such questions to consider what kind of CTA’s you can choose.

  • Do I want the viewer to go to my landing page?
  • Do I want the viewer to book a meeting with me?
  • Do I want the viewer to go to my products page?
  • Do I want the viewer to watch more of my videos?
  • Do I want to encourage them to consume more content?
  • Identify themselves to you through a form. 
  • Do I want to Initiate an opportunity for them?

 Consider the background of your videos. And how you can encourage your viewers closer to the next step or closer to a purchasing decision.

Three Major Types Of CTA’s

1. Verbal Call To Action:

In this type of video

  • You see a person speaking
  • Or the video has a voiceover
  • You can hear the person showing the product to you
  • Or, you hear them suggesting to proceed with the link or subscribe

2. Text Call To Action

In this type of video

  • You see the animated text that explains the details or calls to action at the end
  • It is convenient to insert information like dates or promo codes that can be perceived easily in reading form

3. Call To Action Buttons

This option is not very suitable for videos but

  • Sometimes it is used to direct the customer to the order placing form or the subscription form
  • It calls to click the link or move with further actions
  • Generally, it is asked what are the best call to action buttons. Green and orange are said to be best performed

Best Call To Actions For Your Videos

Not all CTA’s work well with all contents. You have to find the one that fits best with your video.

1. The Direct CTA

What is a good call to action in a video? The Direct CTA is one of the best and most important calls to action. In Direct CTA’s, You get direct with the viewer and tell the audience this is exactly what you have to do. Here are some of the examples

  • Order Your XYZ
  • Join Now
  • Buy now
  • Sign Up Today
  • Subscribe Today
  • Get Started

2. The Small Wins CTA

A touch of generosity goes a long way in marketing. Everyone wants something free. A structured giveaway or a little win can engage the audience in your content. You can add competition and win a prize to help steer the knowledge of your business.

  • Take Advantage of XYZ
  • Claim Your Free XYZ
  • Enter to Win 
  • Get Your Free XYZ

3. The Conversational CTA 

Customer engagement is critical when it comes to effective marketing in 2022.  You are asking them to give their opinion, and encouraging them to share your video. You can grow your business community by adding an engaging CTA.

  • Comment Below
  • Vote for Your Favorite
  • Comment Your Favorite XYZ
  • Tag Someone Who XYZ
  • Share This With Someone Who 


In FOMO CTA, make your audience feel like it’s now or never. The discount you are giving is worth it, if you don’t take it, it will be lost forever. Or if your product is subscription based, you can add a free trial for customers. Or if it’s a physical product, offer discounts, free samples, and free samples.

  • Save today
  • Try now for free
  • Sign up today for 20% off 
  • Shop low prices
  • The sale ends at midnight 
  • Use discount code 
  • See your Coupon

Here is the detailed information of the above CTA’s separately to get a better understanding of applying calls to action in your video to get more clicks.

5. Book a meeting:

6. Get a custom demo:

  • If the viewer has watched the entire video, it means he is interested in what you have to say further
  •  Use this point to get them to sign up for a custom demo of your product

7. Free trial:

  •  Do you offer a subscription-based service? 
  • Let the viewer have a free trial for a test of your service

8. Sign up for a webinar:

  • If you highlight key features of your product in your webinar
  • Ask a viewer to sign up for the next webinar at the end of your video makes a great call to action

9. CTA on Youtube Video:

  • If the viewer is watching a video on youtube, add the link to the landing page on your website 
  • It gets the viewer a piece of supplement information they are looking for
  • The primary objective of adding a youtube call to action examples on videos is to get the viewer to your website

10. CTA on Landing Page Video:

  • Once the viewer gets to your website, don’t blow the opportunity by saying further “visit our website for more information”
  • They already have shown interest, so it is better to provide them with further steps and information on your website

11. Casual CTA:

  • Even if you don’t have anything specific to give to your audience at the end of the video, you can still add CTA
  • You can add the CTA of click here to view more of our products
  • Offering them your new products will keep them engaged with your website for more time

12. The Explicit CTA

  • You tell the audience yourself to do this. It is an explicit approach
  • Click here for more information or type your email address below to subscribe

13. The Mood Setter CTA

  • If your video is heavily sentimental, don’t use a narrator that suddenly comes and goes. It will destroy the mood
  • Use something minimal at the end of the video
  • I.e. Learn more at XYZ.com

14. The Inspirational CTA

  • You use someone’s desires to persuade them to the next step
  • If you run a travel agency you could say “Contact us and plan the trip of your dreams today”

15. The Bobbing Head

  • It includes several small and precise calls to action in strategic locations of your content
  • If your video is about movies and your content covers information about 5 upcoming movies. You can add CTA after each movie i.e. Click here to see other videos about XYZ

16. You Can’t Resist CTA

  • It pushes a sense of urgency into a specific offer
  • For example, if your video is about a new application, you can say “Click here to download your free trial”, it’s only available for a limited time

17. The Seductive CTA

  • It forces an appeal to someone’s deeply rooted wants and desires
  •  Like “click here to find out how to make money while you are asleep”.
  •  can change it according to your message

18. The Guilt Trip CTA

  • This call to action is heavily emotional from a different point of view
  • You would include language like “If you care, share! Click here to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.”.
  • If someone thinks that they care about what they just watched, they will further step on your request

19. The Avant-Garde CTA

  • This CTA placement is obvious and clever at the same time.
  • This call to action example can be Click here for more links at the end of the video or Click right here for more information

20. The Hypnotic CTA

  • It is not about grabbing attention but giving your viewers a direction
  • If you say “Click here for the next step”. You would use it as a way to transition from one step or topic to the next step


Now from the information discussed above, you can understand the importance of the call to action in a video, specifically a marketing video. There are several choices given, you have to choose what CTA works best for your content. 

When you combine a video with a creative call to action, it helps your audience to understand what to do next if they want to receive your services It explains the services you offer, advertises your new product, and describes your brand story.

Adding a call to action in your videos gets you closer to meeting your goals Lastly, be creative and prompt your call to action that best fits with your videos.

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