How To Compress Videos For Whatsapp

admin March 25, 2023 - 3:10 pm

Sharing videos with your friends family or colleagues is a trend nowadays. But unfortunately, it’s not that easy if the file size is too large. The most preferable platform to share videos is Whatsapp. WhatsApp video size limit is only 16 MB and our videos are too larger for this size. 

We don’t have all day long to find ways how to send videos or cut them into smaller sections to send them easily and the video will no longer have its appeal. Our friends/ family is too eager to get the video in their hands and the only way is to compress the videos. Compressing videos is a hot topic these days as WhatsApp is considered to be the most used mobile app in the world and has 2 billion active users worldwide.

How to compress video size?

Within seconds, you can send your videos in smaller enough sizes by using the App for compressing. 

  1. Firstly, open your browser and go to the respective app for WhatsApp video compression.
  2. You can drag and drop the video if using the computer, otherwise, click on the given box and select the file you want to compress.
  3. You can change the resolution settings to 760p or 360p to make the size of the video smaller, also you can change the quality setting from medium or small according to your need.
  4. Select done, and your video is ready to send.

Different Methods for Video Compression

There are various methods of video compression depending upon the device, whether you are using an android phone, an iPhone or you are using desktop tools to compress videos. Let’s discuss them one by one:

1. Compress videos for WhatsApp with an online video compressor:

  1. Open

    Open to compress video online

  2. Select Your video

    Add the video you want to compress in the video compressor.

  3. Click on the Compress button to compress video

    Press Done and save your compressed video on a mobile phone or pc.

  4. Share your video

    Open Whatsapp and share your video with whomever you want within a minute.

2. Video compression through iPhone:

  1. Go to the settings and open camera settings
  2. Change video recording preset or format settings.
  3. In format settings, there are two options High Efficiency and Most Compatible. To reduce the file size, select High Efficiency.

Another way to compress video size is to download the video compressor app from the App store.

3. Video Compression through Android:

  1. Go to settings and open camera settings and then go to the device storage.
  2. There are two options, Video resolution and frames/sec.
  3. Then change the settings to the required video size

Another method to compress video for WhatsApp is to download the compressor App from the play store and reduce the file size from there.

Alternative to Video Compressor:

There are other ways to compress video for Whatsapp if you don’t find the video compressor apps effective:

Trim/Cut Method:

  1. You can trim unwanted parts of your video through the converter app for Android/iPhone to reduce the file size to less than 16MB.
  2. Or you can cut your video into smaller sections that are lesser than 16MB.

Google Drive:

  1. Open google drive, and on the homepage, you will see the + icon. 
  2. Tap on the plus icon and upload your video to google drive or you can share the file and save it to google drive directly.
  3. Tap and hold on to the video file for some time and you’ll see different options.
  4. One of the options is to copy the link. 
  5. Copy the link and open your Whatsapp, paste the link, and send it to whoever you want. They can click on the link, see the video, and can also download it.


To use the service of dropbox, you have to register yourself on dropbox. Download the Dropbox app on your phone.

  1. Open the app, and click on the + icon so you can add the video to dropbox items.
  2. Tap on three vertical dots that are next to the file.
  3. Click on the share option and then you’ll be able to download the link to your respective file.
  4. Copy the link and share it with whatever contact you want to share.


Video compression is the process of reducing the number of bits without compromising the visual quality of the video. Smaller overall file sizes and less storage are highly demanded nowadays. People like to store their large number of data in an efficient and effective form. Video compressing is an option that is giving such benefits to the audience. It is a lossless way of reducing file size and fitting more and more files to storage devices easily.

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