Google Drive Video Compression – Facts You May Don’t Know

admin March 26, 2023 - 1:40 pm

Google Drive – a free cloud-based storage service that gives ease to users, and a platform to share and store files online. But it seems when a user uploads a high-quality video to google drive, it gets blurred.

The question that arises here does it lower the quality/compresses video or not. People upload their high-quality videos i.e. 4K on Google drive. And when open them online, they show in lower resolution. It makes them think, the video is compressed.

It is a myth. Just a false belief, the truth is the opposite. Google Drive does not compress video. It just provides different resolutions i.e. 360p, 760p, 1080p for your video to play online.

Does Google Drive Really Compress Video?

Google Drive does not compress any videos when you upload them. The maximum google drive video playback quality is 1080p and the playback size is 300Mb. Whenever a user uploads a video of 4K (more than 1080p), it will play at google drive video quality 360p and later on by the following resolutions of 760p and 1080p as required by the user.

If videos of 18 MB, 13.4 Mb, or 2 Gb are uploaded to google Drive. When a user opens the file, lesser than 300Mb videos will open in their original size. But a 2GB video size can be the same or it can be increased too. Sometimes google drive does that.

Why Does Google Drive Reduce Video size and Quality?

Google Drive does not reduce video size. Rather i.e.

  • It plays videos of considerable size and high resolution in a lower format. Lower format (low quality and size) 
  • It helps in smoother playback and saves storage.
  • It reduces the pressure on the server and gives the user a convenient experience to watch videos online.
  • Google drive does that to save network bandwidth and to give more storage space. It helps in saving a large number of files to Google Drive.

In simple words, it provides you with google drive’s different quality settings of 360p, 720p, and 1080p to choose from playback. Similar to youtube, which gives you additional options to play the video without buffering.

How To Compress Video On Google Drive?

You can compress the Google Drive video online by zipping the file when you download it.

  • First, Go to google apps and locate google drive.
  • Select the file to compress.
  • Using the right-click menu, locate the download button by selecting the file.
  • Download the file to your personal computer, and it will download in the form of a zip file.

Free Online Video Compressor to Compress Videos for Google Drive

Many people ask how to download google drive videos in low quality. So, You can compress your videos for google drive with a free online videocompressor

  1. Open

  2. Select Video

    Add the video you want to compress in the video compressor.

  3. Adjust video quality

    To reduce video size and quality of the video manually, choose the settings as per your requirement.

  4. Download your Compressed video

    Locate done. And video compressor saves the video in your gallery or downloads it on pc.

Google Drive Specs:

  • This way users can store up to 15 Gb in a single google drive account. Compressing videos allows you to save many files on your drive.
  •  An individual user can only upload 750 GB each day. If a user reaches the 750 Gb limit or tries to upload more than 750 GB cannot upload it on google drive. 
  • Similarly, an individual file that a user can upload should be no more than 5 TB (terabytes).


Google Drive helps in the transport of files conveniently by lowering their size. Reduction of the pressure on the server has made it effective for users to share video files with their friends, families, and colleagues in a small amount of time. No pixelation occurs due to google drive video compression when the receiver downloads the video. It is an overall beneficial way of saving and sharing videos.

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