How to Find Trending Topics for Creating Videos in 2023

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Video content creation becomes difficult if you have no idea in the first place about what you should present in a video. If you are thinking of starting a youtube channel or want to post videos/reels on Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, here are the trends you can follow for your next video creation project. 

There are various ways to know what videos are trending on the internet, and how you can utilize those ideas to make your trending videos in 2023. There are tools available through which you can find the trending topics currently and later in the year forecasting.

Ways to find trending topics for Youtube videos:

There are various ways from which you can find the latest topics for creating a youtube video. Those ways are listed below:

1. Follow Google trends 

ways to find trending topics for creating videos

Google trends are a famous way to acknowledge marketing research, product research, daily trends, keywords, and much more you can think of. 

It tells you what is trending by calculating the searches people make every day on google. Thus it tells you about what people want to know these days 

You can go to the trending searches and find out the daily search trends. This way you can find ideas about your next video.

2. Check social media platforms

Social media platforms always keep you up with the hot topics and trends revolving around the internet. Keep using social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat and you will find the forecasting topics for the coming year 2023.

Tip: If you already have content in another for i.e blog, e-book, or written bio, you can repurpose your content into video. You don’t need to find topics again.

3. Youtube suggestions

ways to find trending topics for creating videos

Youtube suggestions are based on what people watch, watch time, views, clicks, likes, dislikes, shares, and user surveys. When you open the youtube suggested videos, you will find the suggested videos currently trending based on all of this.

4. Explore the explore option on Youtube

ways to find trending topics for creating videos

Go to the explore option, here you will find the ideas of trending topics and search for what people want to know and view. 

Youtube itself is an option for finding trending topics for creating videos. 

5. TrackTrends 

Track trends are where you can know all the google trends, youtube trends, trending movies, etc, and generate hashtags. Using it will prove beneficial for you to create videos. 

  • Instagram Trends:

Watch the reels or videos that are trending on Instagram, and keep refreshing your feed. You will see the trending videos on your home page. This way you will get to know the trending topics for creating videos.

  • Discover trends on Twitter:
ways to find trending topics for creating videos

You can find trends under the trend section of the explore tab. You can see the trends in many places including home timelines, notifications, search results, and profile pages. Here you can see the most trending topics going on and find ideas for video creation.

  • Pinterest Trends:
ways to find trending topics for creating videos

Similarly, You can check the trending topics by going through the feed. Or you can search for specific trends. Type the keyword you want to search about in the search bar and see the demographics. View the data on the graph. This way you will know if it is trending on Instagram or not. Moreover,  you can select the top trends and see the information graph.

6. Use keyword research tools

ways to find trending topics for creating videos

Keywords search tools are great tools to make your videos trend on any platform. Using strong keywords can optimize your videos and drive traffic. Besides that, you can use keywords to search the trends. And think about whether you should create a video on the respective trending topic or not. 

7. Take an idea from different websites (Top blogging websites)

ways to find trending topics for creating videos

It is important to watch what others are doing. You can check what is trending nowadays by doing this. Also, This way you cannot repeat the same thing in your videos. Search all the best blogging websites, get the ideas you find unique, and then brainstorm them to give a new direction to your video. 

It can help you in finding trending topics and create trending videos in 2023. 

8. Do Brainstorming

ways to find trending topics for creating videos

Other than all the trends, brainstorming is an important thing to make your content unique and specifically distinct from others. First, search for important details you think that they are necessary to know. After that, generate new ideas to make your video better than others so it can trend highly and get noticed by the audience immediately. 

popular suggestions for creating videos in 2023?

If you are thinking of starting a project in 2023, here are the popular categories you can choose that will be trending later too.

  1. Music videos

Music videos are the most watched content. You can create music videos or videos related to music i.e. reviews and many more by being creative. 

Using the right hashtags and keywords, you can trend the videos along with the real music trending.

  1. How to videos

Everyone opens youtube how-to videos whenever in need of a solution to a problem. The problem can be anything. And people watch it to solve their problems.

Thus. there is no doubt if you think of making a how-to tutorial educational video, it will not get any views. 

Find Tips to record yourself on video here. This will help you create your how to videos.

  1. Critique videos

These are videos where people give their opinions in different tones, it can be aggressive, funny, bashing, sarcastic, or for educational purposes.

If your personality suits such a type, you should go for it. In critique videos, you can create your content in a way you want and that matches you. And in any way, it is sure you are going to get viewed by the audience. 

  1. Educational videos

People who are teachers by profession. And like to teach their students. They teach in schools, colleges, and universities as well as they make educational videos on youtube to educate their students. 

Students nowadays are more indulged in social platforms, whenever they want to learn something, they go in the search of youtube videos. And there they are going to find your videos online. 

  1. Comedy videos

People like to watch comedy videos. When people aren’t in a good mood or want to watch something fun, obviously they open social media platforms. And youtube is one of them, so there is no chance of your video not trending. Just find the latest hot topics or news circulating and make a funny video if you have that thing in you.

  1. Reaction videos

You can create videos reacting to almost anything and you will get views. It is also true that if there is a video trending on social media, people like to watch their reaction videos. How do people react to it and how are they making it more fun? They will focus on your facial reactions and everything.

Thus if you have that funny character in you, ooze it out and show it to the whole world. 

  1. ASMR videos

Surely, you already know about ASMR videos, and they are the most popular videos. People make eating Asmr videos and many more. Different sounds of whispering, eating, fingernails tapping, gliding over objects, etc sound pleasing and relaxing to the people.

People love to watch these videos and there is no doubt that such videos will be trending in 2023. 

  1. Daily routine videos

Men and women from both generations are into morning and night routines. And thus they love to watch daily routine videos. What products are you using, what products are better, and more reasonable, and what products or tips are good for your skin?

Thus generations are hugely indulging in these videos and there is surely hype in 2023. 

  1. Makeup transformation videos

Makeup transformation videos are hugely involving the people in them. Even if girls or women are not into makeup, they will watch the transformation videos. This is what forecasts for future trends also.

  1. Gaming Videos 

Gaming is taking over the internet. Different gamers make people learn by playing games through youtube videos or telling reviews about games. There is a huge trend of gaming channels on youtube and they will be increasing in the next few years. It is one of the trending topics for creating videos. 

So if you are into games, start your gaming channel and increase the stem.

Before starting a gaming channel, Must read how to write a good description for a gaming video.


Hopefully, any topic idea must be matching with the idea in your mind or what you want to share on your youtube channels. The topics and the ways given above are going to be highly beneficial for your 2023 youtube video subjects. Trends change every day but they are highly advantageous in many other ways. Thus, Keep your marketing strategy strong and align your goals with the trends and you will do the blast. 

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