How To Reduce A Video Megabytes (7 Easy Ways)

admin November 10, 2022 - 6:02 am

A video’s size is measured by the compression bitrate and length of the content. If your video is too long, you cannot upload it to the site where there are limited size restrictions. Large videos cover more storage space, so they are also difficult to add to emails. Reducing their bitrate is necessary to make videos send and use for other purposes easily. 

Windows itself doesn’t have the capacity to reduce MBs of video but there are many ways to make a video fewer megabytes than already it is. 

Megabyte vs Megabit

A bit is the smallest unit of data. Its value is either 1 or 0.  A byte is a group of 8 bits. It is the smallest unit of memory or storage. Any measurement that is written in bytes is eight times larger than the respective unit measured in bits. 

In other words, 

  • 1 megabyte (1 MB) = 8 megabits (8 Mb). 
  • And 1 gigabyte (1 GB) = 8 gigabits (8 Gb).
Megabyte vs Megabit

Bits measure speed (megabits per second, Mbps), and bytes measure the size (megabytes, MB)

Ways to make a video reduce megabytes

How to reduce the MB of a video? There are different ways to lessen the megabytes of a video. The following are the methods discussed: 

1. Reduce Video length

If you have a long video, you can cut it into segments as part 1 or part 2. Many sites do similar things. This way videos are easier to watch, in lesser megabytes, and easy to load as compared to the longer videos. 

2. Trim Unnecessary Content

Longer videos take more megabytes. If your video has unnecessary parts that will do no harm to the message of your video if cut down, you can use video editing software that provides such functions. By using them you can trim and cut the content from the video and your file size will reduce as will the megabytes.

3. Change the video codec

You can change the codecs of the video that reduce the Mbs of a video and their file size. The most popular lossless video codec is H.264. It preserves HD quality. Some other common video codecs are AVI, WMA, XviD, Real Audio, and Apple Video.

4. Lower the audio bitrate

Videos have a separate track for audio content and video content. You can reduce the size of the video by dropping the audio content bitrate, without making the viewers notice. If your video is HD, it may have the audio track recorded in 320 Kbps AAC. by using the video editing program, you can drop the audio track to 128-Kbps MP3 which automatically reduces the megabytes.

5. Video Compression

How to compress a video without losing quality? Video compression programs work by reducing video megabytes. Video compressors do lossless video compression. No loss of data or important information, but the file size is reduced. 

 How to compress a video?

  • Open the video compressor app/program.
  • Upload the video in the upload section.
  • Select the resolution you want.
  • Then press OK to start compressing.

You can compress 1GB video to 10MB and share it with anyone on Whatsapp, through email, or by using any other format you want.

6. Lower the video bitrate

You can use video editing or compression software to get a video with a lower data bitrate. A 1-minute long video recorded at 2 Mbps takes up twice as megabytes as a 1-minute long video recorded at 1 Mbps. But the video quality reduces when the video bitrate decreases. 

For good-quality videos, Youtube recommends 

  • 2.5 Mbps for DVD-resolution video
  • 5 Mbps for HD 720p video content

DVD resolution video can go as low as 1.25Mbps and 720p video can go as low as 2.5Mbps. These are commonly used bitrates for streaming content.

7. Compensating for lower bitrate

How do I make an MP4 less MB with good quality? You can improve video quality when using a lower bitrate. If the video editing and compression programs support it, instead of constant bitrate use variable bitrate. Variable bitrates create higher bitrates in parts of videos where required and reduce bitrates where higher bitrates are not needed.


Megabytes can be lower in many ways. We have just scratched the surface, but all the compression through compressing programs or editing programs depends on the content of your video or what type of video you are compressing. The process can be rough but once you get through it, it will be easily accessible. 

We have discussed different ways that you can prefer according to your video. It depends on you what ways you decide to prefer. Hopefully, it will be beneficial for you. 

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