10 Essential Ways Technology Can Raise Your Creativity Game 

admin November 15, 2022 - 5:21 am

Many people think now that technology might have closed the door to creativity. For example, if you are an Android user you wouldn’t think of updating your mobile phone according to your needs but obviously, you would look forward to getting updates from the company.

That’s why many people think that technology might have reduced their thinking capacities and the thinking brains are only hired by the mega-companies and corporate sectors.

We can change this fact by initiating some ways to broaden our thinking capacity, by relying on our own instance to produce something. 

What is a creative process?

Some people like to think that the creative process or the process of thinking and making something out of your thoughts is such a mysterious process. 

This is having great thinking and creating process is not some wave process it is a lucid formulation where you describe a problem then apply a practical solution to it, stay persistent in it, and then acquire your result.

So, what must be the ways to raise your creativity through technology? Here, we gonna discuss it,

1. Define your purpose: 

You must know that any kind of creation starts with a clear-head purpose. if you are a marketer and trying to solve some sort of business problem or if you are a designer and you are looking for some unique creation, then you would have an idea, that this is not going to be done by having a very blur idea in mind. 

Rather it would be done with straightforward, strong-headed focused, and intended work.

2. Examine the domain you want to master:

Now if you are stepping into some domain, then it is your duty to know well all the directions of that particular genre. 

For example, if you are a designer then you would definitely have a good idea of what designing is and what are the particular techniques through which you can master the skill. 

If you are a manager at some firm, there would be a lot of pressure on you to resolve some problems, then how are you going to do it?

Obviously, you would make sure that what would be the purpose behind this work and what are you going to acquire in the end considering all the dimensions of the work. 

3. The intermingling of previous creations:

It is far better to get a mixture of already created pieces of creations, rather would sweat on constructing unique and world-class items. 

It is also said truly that creative work has always originated from mixing the previous one. For example, when darwin gave his theory of natural selection he combined different expectations of Europe and African nature and then gave out his theory.

4. Technology opens up the blocks in the way of creativity: 

 we always have to admire the fact that luck and chance play a very great role in creating something. whether it’s art whether it’s science there’s always a certain aspect of luck and chance that makes you precede your way.

 For example, when penicillin was discovered it was mainly luck and chance, and the world got the greatest vaccine for treating various infections. it is an antibiotic. if any kind of indication occurs where the infection is aggravating then penicillin is the greatest solution to it.

So, we can say that how many chances you are availing yourself will define your creativity. For example, if you go on social media and get researched ideas on how to make your art perfect, then obviously there would be something very nice in your hands afterward. It is all about your exposure and examination.

5. Mix and remix the things:

With the help of technology, you are going to acquire knowledge as well as information. There have been certain differences between the both. Knowledge is the thing that you have acquired at a personal level. Information is always afloat. It’s available and you got to get it, whenever needed. 

So if you are really going to create something new then obviously you need to try mixing and remixing. but this would only be done if you combine knowledge with your information and then concludes something that would be of use.

6. Knows your failure:

The CEO of Facebook said ‘you know, you must have the freedom to fail to get successful’. Whenever you are working on something you must have in mind that this thing could fail, this thing could disappoint you. if you are expecting too much from the thing that it’s possible that you might ignore the various factors that could lag you behind. 

After determining all the aspects where you are exceeding or where you are limiting yourself, give yourself the freedom of failure as freedom of success. you would be fine.

7. An intrinsic part of life:

Once you get a good grasp on creativity and have familiarized yourself with the ways you are going to carve new things, you have to practice it a lot. and when you have practiced it many times, then it would become an intrinsic part of your life.

 So, keep on learning and keep on practicing. If someone is a blog or content writer then he or she must have practiced it a lot of times so that her progress and her development don’t cease.

8. Get into the distraction: 

One of the greatest ways to make technology work for you is you need to get distracted from mainstream technology. You have to research your topic, you have to explore your thing and then after deep research, you would be able to get your creative game.

9. Say hello to new things:

Always welcome new things, and always be open to learning modern skills so that your mental growth wouldn’t cease.

10. Do the work with fun:  

When you take work as merely a work thing for you, you actively kill the fun part of it. For example, if you had once started doing creative writing for fun and then you thought that it could be your professional hobby, there are many chances that you are going to obliterate your hobby for the sake of money, and the profession might become hectic for you, right? 

Such a feeling of losing your hobby and interest can be eradicated when you keep on learning new things and adding skills to your work. Yes, you are a writer by nature. But if you are trying to take things to a professional level then you have to train yourself like that.

 It is not like that profession slays your creativity. it actually becomes your moral duty to keep it alive and remind yourself why you started this thing at first.


From the given article you must have gotten the idea that technology does not annihilate inventiveness. However, it provides ways to rejuvenate it. We have discussed various ways through which you can combine technology and creativity together, have something new, and procreate a thing untouched. In this way, technology is helping us out in getting something new rather than it is limiting us.

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