Importance Of Learning And Development (L&D) At Workplace In 2022

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Training and development of employees are crucial for survival these days. Since the pandemic has affected workplaces harshly. Learning and development (L&D) is a systematic process to enhance an employee’s knowledge, skills, and competency, resulting in better performance in a work setting.

A well-trained employee is more efficient and productive in what he/she does. It increases business growth. Research says that “every $1 invested in L&D per employee is associated with an additional $4.70 in business revenue (per employee)”.

Such employees are actively interested in work and less likely to leave than in workplaces without the implementation of training and development strategies. Some types of training and development that are often available to employees are:

  • Management training
  • Sales training
  • New employee training
  • Mentoring programs
  • Apprenticeships

Importance of Learning and Development

Learning and development programs at the workplace are key factors if you want your company to be successful.

Benefits of L&D program For employees:

There are several benefits of training and development programs for employees. Some are listed below:

  • When a person works he is more focused on making a career rather than doing a job. So that the skills, and knowledge he gains from on-the-job training can be added to the resume for a better impact
  • Training improves the performance of an individual. It motivates them to work well than before and contribute to their organization’s success which leads to great encouragement.
  • Employees with training and development skills can face any challenge and deal with problems in a better manner than an employee with no training.
  • Training Provides safety purposes also. Learning the know-how of machines or pieces of equipment make them equipment friendly. It reduces contact with accidents.
  • They remain acknowledged with new technologies.
  • It boosts the morale of the employee and increases job sales

Development programs are implied for workers working in higher organizations and Training programs are for middle or low-level employees

Benefits of L&D program For Organizations:

Along with employees, Training and development also help to boost company sales. When employees are highly trained, they will definitely befit the company.

  • It facilitates organization with better utilization of resources, i.e. men, materials, machines, and money.
  • When a worker is skilled and trained, the quantity of wastage is minor, the learning time is reduced, as well as the work is performed in very less time. It guarantees less wastage of resources and time. 
  • The performance of the employee increases, which results in increased profitability.
  • The employees learn new techniques, solutions, and improved methods of performing any activity or solving any problem, which results in the organization surviving, competing with the competitors, and growing in the market.
  • It reduces employee turnover, idle time, and absenteeism.
  • It develops a positive attitude in employees which helps them adapt themselves to the changing environment as well as boosts their morale.

Why Learning And Development Have Become So Important?

94% of employees stay at a company longer, if it invests in their career development. There are several reasons why training and development have become so popular and important.

Skill Gaps:

One of the popular reasons L&D has become so popular is the emerging technology these days. To keep up the pace with the new world, organizations have to keep introducing modern training and development programs. This shows the Importance of training employees on new technology to keep up with the evolving industry and fulfill the organization’s goals.

Growth Opportunities:

When workplaces promote training and development programs, it shows future employees that you care about their progress. It helps you attract and retain top talent to take your business to the next level.


Training the employees with L&D programs expands their knowledge about other departments. It builds connections between departments rather than competitive behavior.

Creativity, Productivity, and Morale:

Due to on-the-job training programs, employees have confidence in their skills and abilities. This way they get more creative, productive, and innovative. New skills boost their morale and make them feel valued.

How To Know An Effective L&D Program Is Needed?

There are numerous reasons why you want to implement L&D strategies and there are various strategies you can implement. How to develop a training program can lead to much confusion. Still, once you choose whatever strategy you are going to choose, you should stick to it in implementing a training program for best practices to create an effective training program.

Step 1:

You have to analyze your organization and employee needs and what has to be improved or what is missing. Interview managers and supervisors and locate common performance problems and see what training programs have been valuable to them.

Step 2:

Present your analysis to the committee or the company’s leadership team. Prepare a detailed presentation. Outline the benefits of each proposed program, costs, and time requirements. Demonstrate the problem areas and possible solutions.

Step 3:

After presenting, calculate the training budget, including materials, speaker fees, computer access charges, and food in the budgeted amount. If needed, ask for funds before the fiscal year.

Step 4:

Evaluate the advantages you anticipate from each training program and choosing the expense of the plan will give you the expected results.

Step 5:

Document the training classes you will offer over the next year. Divide the classes by type and employee. Prepare a timetable and publish it on your company’s internet to save time.

Step 6:

Hire outside firms or select an internal trainer to deliver your training program classes. You can also call the trainer’s references and confirm that his/her materials and presentation style fits your needs.

Step 7:

Evaluate the success of each program instantly after the completion of the program.  Also, ask the participants to fill out the prepared evaluation forms. Analyze the comments to plan for further practical pieces of training or improvements in training programs.


The trend of educating employees in modern times is fastly increasing. Training and development programs help workers to grow with the diversity of changes happening in the workforce without hesitation. It facilitates their career growth and makes them loyal to the organization.

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