MP4 VS MOV – Which File Format Is Best?

admin October 24, 2022 - 11:51 am

Video marketing is the best kind of marketing tool for business growth. You must be very astonished to know that video-sharing websites are at the top of the list of websites that are visited by internet users. 

Social media and other platforms seem empty and incomplete without videos and moving pictures. If we talk about keeping our memories alive, videos are the best channel to keep them intact

Have you ever thought, why some video files save as MP4 and some as MOV?

There must be a reason behind it. To know the reason, let’s get deeper into the discussion:

What is a digital file?

Do people usually ask questions about digital files? what is it? We can say that it is the cover or the wrapper to wrap all the data and metadata for the video. Let’s compare the digital file with the file cabinet at our house. The cabinet contains different kinds of containers and such containers are MOV and MP4.

As normal containers have different sizes, different capacities, and different compatibility, digital files also have different features.

What do we do with the digital file? You can say that there are videos, audio, and metadata to be played by the digital file.

the digital file is similar to the library. At the library, we find numerous kinds of books and catalogs. Similarly, in a digital file, a computer may find a lot of videos and then identify them and play them for us.

There are many video formats but the most famous are MP4 and MOV. 

What is MP4?

MP4 is a multimedia File Format.  you must consider MP4 as the retainer that retains the data together. It is a medium where video information is stored. Whenever you are in need of accessing the video, MP4 format will let you. 

MP4 is extensively used and is compatible with lots of video-playing channels. An MP4 is a wrapper or we can say the cover that binds data and metadata together. If we speak in more technical terms then we will know, an MP4 is a digital container file, which means it contains compressed video data and other associated data, a prerequisite for the video-playing thing.

 In general, MP4 files are smaller and more compressed than other video file types. An interesting fact about MP4 is that it is an encoded system coded by a popular encoding standard called MPEG-4. It is responsible for encrypting video data.

What is MOV?

MOV is another video-storing format. It digitally stores multimedia files like videos.  Apple is the developer of this kind of video format; it is compatible with quick-time players.

 It is interesting to know that MOV videos are MPEG-4-encoded, the same as MP4 files.

Difference between MOV and MP4?

Compatible with Apple devicesCompatible with all media players
Higher in quality and larger in sizeCompressed and smaller in size
Used by professionals because it is a high-quality video file formatit does not have wide applications. so is not used mostly by people.
Use IOS standard .mov extensionISO standard format with .mp4 extension 
MOV vs MP4

Platforms that are compatible with MOV and MP4 files


As MOV file format was created by Apple. It is supported by Apple’s Quicktime media player and is only compatible with macOS and IOS devices. 


MP4 file format is compatible with macOS player, Windows media player, MPlayer and VLC media player. Most of the social platforms recommend the use of MP4 as it is competitive with most of the streaming platforms.


Videos are an important channel for sharing information with others. Video marketing has become so popular that we cannot live without it. Knowing about video formats and channels where video data is stored is helpful for us as it enables us to understand how videos actually work.

MP4 and MOV are the latest video formats. They have a very sleek difference but are used frequently. Knowing the difference between the two can help you use them accurately.

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