10 Easy Ways To Repurpose Written Content Into Videos

admin January 6, 2023 - 9:15 am

Videos are a source of visual contact between both the user and the seller. Marketers are indulged in videos more than written content. Why is that? People think of reading texts or articles or written paragraphs as a waste of time. Thus, marketers strategize repurposing written content into videos

Repurposing involves taking the written content or video to rework it and posting it to different channels and social media platforms. Not only it saves the time of the content creators to make fresh content but repurposing the content increases the organic audience traffic. It helps in more engagement of the audience with the brand. 

How to repurpose a video from written content?

There are many ways to repurpose written content into videos to reach new platforms with new segments of the audience.

1. Article/blog post to video

There can be a bunch of old blog posts or articles that have been read by the readers and forgotten. Or they never read the whole article because it’s too long. Now is the time to recreate it. Adding some visual images with speaking facts about the content you are repurposing, saves the time of the people.  

2. FAQs to videos

You can turn the frequently asked questions into different videos. There are questions asked by the audience in comment sections etc, rather than separately answering everyone, you can gather those questions and make a short video where you can clear all the queries of the people.

It helps the viewers to process information faster and videos are more engaging than text. 

3. Written bio to video

You can turn your website description or bio into videos. As you already know, videos are more engaging and bring a lot of traffic, which is going to be beneficial for your website.

Instead of adding a written bio, add a video telling about your website, yourself, or your brand. 

4. Website descriptions into videos

Are you tired of writing descriptions of products that people never even read with attention? Now is the time to change it. Show the benefits of your product and how to parts through videos and using visual images. It is an intriguing and attention-seeking way of interacting with the audience. Repurpose what you have written into videos and tell the audience about what you are working on. 

5. Feedbacks to videos

Customer feedback is an important way of building trust with the audience. Make them feel reliable by sharing the customer’s testimonials with the people. Turn the feedback into a short video and post it.

People are more likely to buy products by reading and viewing the positive responses of customers 

6. Long articles to short video clips

You are teaching students and educating people through your written articles or blog posts. People find it hectic to read the text. So why not turn the long articles into basic short clips that will be more informative and unforgettable for the audience? 

You can shift from educating through writing to educating through videos because visuals are more memorable than text.  

7. E-book to V-book

If you have a book or e-book, you can let people know about your book’s main purpose, key points, and features to get their attention. 

Make short clips or a short synopsis of your book and show it to the audience to attract them toward your real work. Make it work like a bridge. 

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8. Article to podcast

You have seen an interesting article or topic on the internet or somewhere. It can be old or trending. You find it interesting and want to be aware of this also.

Repurposing the content will help you with that. You can use that article to do the podcast. Ask people what they think about it and share your ideas.

9. Answer the questions in the videos 

Similar to FAQs, people are bombarding google with questions in searches, you can check google trends and find the frequent and trending searches i.e. what people want to know. Moreover, quora is a website where people share answers and ask a lot of questions. You can make videos about that, show your expertise and drive traffic. 

10. Videos on social media platforms

Social media platforms have provided great chances to share your videos with the audience. Rather than just posting the videos on the respective website, share your videos, and reels on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. 

You can optimize your videos by using hashtags and keywords in the videos as well as using optimized images on pin videos. (by using Pinterest-optimized images in your video visual presentation)


If you have been going out of ideas, now you will not. You don’t have to spend a lot of time and brains on fresh content. You can repurpose it and get all the attention you need. There are so many ways to repurpose written content into videos. Just utilize one of the ways and you will be good to go.  Repurposing the content will deliver the message and ensure that the target audience retains the message quickly.

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