12 Different Styles of Videos: When to Use Which One

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81% of marketers have started to prioritize videos to attract the audience since a video conveys an idea 7000% faster than written content. It also helps you keep the audience engaged, build a strong identity and increase the customers’ loyalty. 

However, using the right video type to communicate with the audience is crucial; otherwise, your all efforts will be in vain. And if you’re not sure which style of video is best for your business or personal brand, we’re here to tell you A to Z of 12 different styles of videos.

So just check them out and choose one that will prove useful for your business. 

12 Different Styles of Videos 

1. Live Action Videos 

Live-action videos are based on real objects and real locations. This video type can be informative, funny, entertaining, or educational. 

When to use Live-Action Video

Tutorial Videos: “How to” is the best form of live-action video. People use their skills to teach others. And those who can’t manage to go to academies, use this video type to learn and enhance their knowledge. 

Sales Videos: Introducing your services or products in videos is called sales videos. People follow different marketing approaches to make sales videos to grab the customers’ attention and convince them to buy their services/products. 

“About Me” Videos: Telling your personal stories in your own words whether for marketing purposes or something else is part of “About Me” videos. 

2. Animated Videos

Animation is made from many still images. This video type is usually used for marketing purposes where real objects can’t be depicted. Animation proves affordable as compared to action videos and is used when you don’t want to use real characters. 2D, 3D, and stop-motion are the types of animation. 

When to use Animation

Marketing & Promotional Videos: To attract the target audience to build up a strong brand identity and long-lasting relations with them, animated videos are an affordable way to do so. 

Explainer Videos: Introducing the services and products and explaining their details through animation is part of explainer videos. 

3. Live Streaming Videos 

If you want to build an instant, live attraction with the audience, Live streaming video will help you in it. People use this video type to show their company’s functions to highlight the company’s culture. However, the common people are the major audience of live-streaming videos. 

When to use Live Streaming Videos

Social media is the biggest place for live-streaming videos. Youtube, Facebook live and Instagram are the platforms that people use for live streaming to share their current going-ons with their audience. However, for live-streaming videos, you must have the audience first; otherwise, you can’t properly market and reach your video to other people. 

4. Screencast Videos 

Screencast video is usually used by tech people as a digital recording of a computer screen. Many people use it to introduce a software product and others for teaching purposes. 

When to use Screencast Videos 

Screencast videos are used to guide the audience on how to use a specific application by explaining a step-by-step procedure. Camtasia and Screenflow are the major tools for creating Screencast videos. 

5. Whiteboard Videos 

Explaining something by drawing pictures on the whiteboard is called a Whiteboard video. Being a most common Youtube video type, Whiteboard videos explain a practical process in an easy, digestible way.

When to use Whiteboard videos 

Whiteboard videos are used for number-heavy presentations and informational videos. Graphs, diagrams, charts, bubbles, or anything else are the major part of whiteboard videos. 

6. Motion Graphics Videos 

Using styles and shapes to express an idea is called motion graphics videos. This video type usually doesn’t tell a story but showcases simple information in an effective way by adding music, voice-over, and sound. 

When to use Motion Graphics Videos 

Motion graphics videos are commonly used to tell a brand story or individual achievements throughout the years. This video type is employed when someone doesn’t have enough budget to afford living characters but still wants to do proper marketing of his services and products. 

7. Typography Videos 

Also known as Kinetic animation, Typography videos are based on the movement of words with a mixture of music and voice. Typography is commonly used on Youtube and helps to quickly grab the audience’s attention. The audience doesn’t properly read each word but it easily understands the gist of the idea that is presented by words. 

In Typography, large, heavy, and sound-vibrating words are used to express a heavy idea. And to express a soft and effortless idea, small, thin, and flowing words are used. 

When to use Typography videos 

Typography videos are employed when you want to explain an idea in a short time span. Moreover, you also use this video type when you need to work on a single idea by staying under your budget estimates. 

8. Product Videos 

In the present eCommerce era, product videos are used to express a product’s features and how it eases people’s lives. Moreover, this video type is also employed to explain the usage of a specific product. 

9. Testimonial Videos 

Testimonial videos are used when you express how your products/services are proving useful for others. The customers tell their experiences about how the particular product helped them out. 

10. 360-Degree/VR Videos 

Also known as sphere videos, VR videos are used when you want to capture an immersive scene from all angles. People use this video type for videos for showing virtual reality where they want to quickly attract the audience’s attention. 

Where to use 360-Degree/VP Videos

Businesses, especially restaurants use 360-Degree videos to show how spacious, luxurious and elegant their restaurant is. 

11. Montage Videos 

Combining photos and slideshows with music and theme to tell a story is called Montage videos. 

When to use Montage Videos 

Montage videos are an ideal choice to recap videos, especially milestones on birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Many people also employ montage videos for “About Me” and “Welcome Videos”. 

12. Behind-the-Scenes Videos 

87% of people love to know about what is going on behind the scene. The majority of people use BTS videos to express their company’s culture to build up a strong reputation in the market. 

When to use Behind-the-Scenes Videos 

BTS videos are used to tell more about yourself to your audience. To show office tours, after-work company events, office pranks, or some other office activities, BTS videos are the best way to express your company culture. 

Bottom Line

Now, you’re familiar with 12 different types of videos and which one to use when and where. Choose the one you think will work best for your target audience and start marketing right away. However, don’t forget to stay true to your brand and make sure each video fits with the theme of your brand.

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