Most Common Video Ad Formats For Video Advertising (Advertisers Should Know)

admin January 19, 2023 - 12:29 pm

Advertising is an integral part of marketing these days. As time is moving, video advertising is moving with time at the same pace. And this pace is not going to be slower any time soon. So you have to keep up with it.

People prefer videos over texts because technology have changes the ways of creativity and marketers have strategized to increase their audience and brand awareness through videos.

Videos are a preferable way of conveying important information thoroughly rather than texts that readers skip by finding it unnecessary to read. 

For video advertising, it is best if you know first what are the common video ad formats through which you can advertise your brand, site, or product on the internet. 

Common Video Ad Formats

There are different ways you can serve your video to the potential viewer. The advertising videos appear to the viewer before they start any of their favorite videos or the other way around if he/she has turned on the video-monetization mode.

Following are the types of video ads you can create to engage the audience in different ways on Youtube and other sites

Linear Video Ads

The linear video ads are also called in-stream video ads because they are usually played where the main video content is viewed. In stream video ads are played before, after or middle of a video on Youtube. These video ads can be:

  • Pre-roll: the ads that are played before the video starts.
  • Mid-roll: These ads are played in between the video content. The ads stop the video, when finished, the video will play again.
  • Post-roll: These ads are played at the end of the video content

There are three main types of in-stream video ads:

  1. Skippable Video Ads
  2. Non-Skippable Video Ads
  3. Bumper Ads

Skippable video ads

Skippable video ads

Skippable video ads appear to the viewer with an unskippable time limit of 5 seconds. It means the viewer can skip the ad after 5 seconds of the video. 

You have usually seen these types of video ads before playing a video on Youtube or while using an app. 

The option of the skip ad will appear after 5 seconds. It is necessary if the key message of the video can be covered in the first 5 seconds of the video. So it can attract the viewer or maybe he does not skip the entire video. 

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Non-skippable video ads


Non-skippable in-stream ads are video ads that cannot be skipped until you watched the whole video. It is a beneficial way of streaming your video online. One way or the other, the viewer has to watch it.

You must have seen such type of videos before, after, or during the video. Also while downloading something, or using any app, you can watch such types of advertisements. These non-skippable video ads are 15-20 seconds long. 

In this 15-20 seconds, the video should be intriguing enough with catchy lines, and hooked-up messages to grab the attention of the respective viewer to take further actions.

Bumper video ads


Such video ads are about 5-6 seconds long and unskippable. This means your statement advertising video has to be bold enough to get to the mind of the target audience.

With no option of skipping, it can be seen at the start, end, or in between the videos you are watching or on other sites. It must be watched before you view the video. The advertiser is paid based on the impressions. 

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Non-Linear Video Ads

The non-linear video ads run along the main content of the video. You can cross the ad if you don’t want to watch it. The main advantage of this type of ads is, it can be seen while watching the main content. The user do not need to skip it or wait for the video content to play again.

There are two main types of non-linear video ads:

  1. Ovelay Video Ads
  2. Non-Overlay Video Ads

Overlay video ads


Overlay video ads are like pop-ups that appear on the bottom of your watch screen while you are watching the video. It can be a text ad or an image ad. It comes with the X mark on the upper right corner of the overlay so you can cross it. Or you can click on the ad to directly go to the landing page of the site. 

It has the benefit that viewers can still watch the ad while viewing the video, but the advertiser can only get paid if the viewer opens the link to the ad.

Non-Overlay Video Ads


These types of video ads run on the main window of your video. But they cover very small spaces that reduce the risk that users could close the ad. These are played without a sound.

Out-Stream Video Ads

Outstreams ads do not appear on Youtube but on other mobile placements. It only plays on mobiles, apps, or websites that are running through google video partners. It expands the reach of the video to the target customers. 

Moreover, out-stream videos can be scrolled or skipped. And the advertiser can only be paid if the viewer has played the video for 2 or more than 2 seconds. The advertiser gets paid on the basis of cost per day or cost per thousand impressions. 

In-Banner Video Ads

In banner video ads are a type of video ad in which a banner with a video ad is displayed on a webpage having a video content. They usually cover small spaces and are played without sound.

In-Page Video-Ads

In-page video ads are embedded in the page that do not have video content and covers a larger space.

In-Text Video Ads

When a user scrolls down a page in search of a specific query, the video ad will automatically play and stop when the user scrolls down.

In-feed video ads

In-feed video ads are displayed on Youtube app home feed or along with the watch next results. These video ads are shown to the targeted audience that are watching a video already.

In-game video ads

These types of ads are displayed when you are playing a game. Or when a level of game is over. The user can see an ad in reward of extra coins or score.

Masthead ads

Masthead ads appear on the youtube homepage for 24 hours. Masthead ads are the best options if you want the maximum advertisement of your product, brand, or service. 

You can view these ads on mobile devices as well as desktops, and they appear differently on different platforms. It helps in increasing your brand awareness.

At first, it appears with no sound on your home feed, the viewers can unmute the video themselves.

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The best 6 common types of ad formats have been discussed above, through which you can choose what format you will try for your product, brand, or service advertising. As you know that video ad formats play an important role in engaging the customers with your video, choose what best suits your needs. By having good knowledge about what your product is, and about the target audience, you can go far away with video ad formats for video advertising.

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