Video Books (Vbooks) – An Alternative To Ebooks

admin November 16, 2022 - 4:27 am

There are ebooks and on the other hand, modern vbooks (video books) – an upgrade to the traditional ebooks. Thousands of emails get stacked in the inbox and you didn’t get the attention you deserve. Vbooks are established to gain attention visually.

Visual attracts more to a person than simple text. They are also remembered by the user easily. Vbooks contain videos that educate the audience on a specific topic. It is a kind of interaction from human to human visually. 

Vbooks are trending nowadays. There is a huge availability of video books online. And people are getting benefits from that interactively. 

Difference b/w Ebooks & Vbooks:

Ebooks are in digital form.Vbooks are also in digital form.
Ebooks contain text, images, or, both that can be read on the display of computers and other electronic devices.Vbooks are recorded forms having both visuals and audio at the same time.
Ebook is read by the reader itself.Vbook is read by the author and listened to by the viewer. 
With ebooks, you don’t get to know whether they read the full book or half. if they read, how far did they read or did they skip any sections?With vbooks, you get to know how long they read, and which parts they rewatched or skipped 
You can’t measure the success rate accurately.It gives you a clear picture of how your audience engaged with the content. 

Advantages Of Vbooks Over Ebooks Or Printed Books

Ebooks and print books are something that is read by the reader. A lot of text can make it difficult for the reader to read the whole article. A lot of the main subject lines get missed or they could not deliver the impact as they should. Because of such long texts, readers skip the parts or are left without reading.

Where such issues arise, video books are something that came to play their part effectively. Video books have shown a higher percentage of audience engagement. People only tend to remember 

  • 10% of what they hear.
  • 20% of what they read. 
  • 80% of what they see. 

This is why visual aid is mostly used to express ideas or share information.

A video is not just a way to grab the attention of the audience but a way to win their trust. It increases the credibility of the message you want to convey. Vbooks invoke an emotional response in the viewer rather than just a simple text. They allow for explaining a complex idea in an involved way.

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Video Optimization to Add Them to your Vbook

Vbook file is large because of large unoptimized media i.e. audio, video, and images. Single vbook can easily surpass 1GB. The idea of optimizing a video is to reach the least quality and resolution while maintaining high quality for the viewers. It involves changing the format, bitrate, frequency, quality, and, resolution. 

There are many software or compression programs available online that can optimize videos. You can use a video compressor to compress your video files conveniently. 

  • Open the video compressor.
  • Upload your video to the home page.
  • Change the resolution/ quality of the video as per your choice.
  • Press done to get the optimized video.

However, there are many other ways to optimize your video. You can search more and try them as suitable to you. 

Future Of Vbooks

People who love to read books want every ease they could have to imagine the views or feelings that have been described in a subject. While reading a simple book, if there comes any difficult word a reader couldn’t understand. He will not search for the respective word to find its meaning in the dictionary as it will interrupt his reading. This way he is not able to understand the context of the text.

For this purpose, vbooks have a great future. Imagine a fiction storybook, and a landscape is described in words. It is difficult to understand. Now imagine a vbook, where the view of a landscape is given. It is easy to imagine the scene visually than the written words. 

There are more enhancements yet to come in the near future. Where you could not know what will be the next new ease for the users. 


Are ebooks on the decline?

Not yet. Digital books have fallen all year long, the trend started again in the last two quarters of 2021. But it is hoped that there will be a future of books other than ebooks or print books.

Are book sales dying?

No, books are not a dying industry. While the introduction of technology has led many to believe that the book industry is dying.

Why do people prefer vbooks over ebooks?

vbooks are time-saving and easier to load and understand. They are not lengthy as ebooks. That’s why people have started preferring vbooks over ebooks.

Is Library becoming obsolete?

With increased access to ebooks, books, and digital entertainment, many believe libraries will become or are already obsolete.


Vbooks engage a large audience. Such books are fulfilling the demands of delivering a large volume of content in a convenient way and fitting exactly with their need and attention spans. 

People are busier than anything in today’s world. They like to save time and find easy ways to do things. VBooks are providing this facility to read long books online to their consumers and they are getting facilitated by it without having any second thoughts.

We hope that every discussed above proves to be beneficial and informative for you. 

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