Video Optimization Tips For Faster Loading

admin October 28, 2022 - 10:50 am

Videos have got their way in this era with a heavy impact on digitization. People prefer videos rather than images or others. Videos deliver a great amount of information in a short time.

But a video with no optimization leads to performance issues when you upload the video to a website. If it does not work properly or load quickly, it will drive the traffic away instead of increasing it. A recent survey demonstrates that more than 70% of businesses boost brand awareness, increase traffic, and generate more leads due to videos.

Thus Video optimization is very important for the faster loading of videos. Here are 10 tips for optimizing any videos discussed below:

1. Video Compressing Apps/Tools

  • Data compression tools reduce the size of the file without losing the quality of the video.
  • Compressed or small videos load faster.
  • Try not to lose the quality during compressing, high quality video files have a great impact rather than bad-quality content.
  • How to make videos load faster? Video compression reduces the size of the video and makes it load faster than the usual video.

2. HTML5-supported formats

  • Through HTML5-supported formats, you can offer your content without the support of a plugin
  • It is highly advantageous for developers
  • You can use an Online converter to convert your video files to Html5 format

3. Audio Removal From Muted Videos

  • To save the size of the video, you can remove the audio from a video if the audio is not required by using any audio removal app
  • If you made the video yourself,  you can omit the sound while exporting the video

4. Streaming From Server

  • Streaming technology helps the video to be delivered in small chunks ready to playback in the browser
  • The user doesn’t have to download the whole video to see it
  • you can consider the use of HTML5 tags, thereby allowing video delivery in small chunks.

5. Using Content Delivering Network

  • CDN ensures the faster delivery of content with aid from the nearest edge server by optimizing video for web
  • It is effective for large files as the user doesn’t have to wait for the video to buffer or download
  • Using CDN improves the all-around performance of your website

6. Specify the Video size

  • In HTML or CSS, make sure to write the width and height of the video 
  • This way browser can locate the required bandwidth without any additional work or increasing the size

7. Video Loading After Page Loading

  • If you have a video that plays automatically when the page opens, do not do it. Defer loading videos until page load is complete
  • For a smoother user experience, make sure that the page loads first and then the video starts

8. Prioritize Mobile Users

  • A website should be adaptive to different video sizes and different display resolutions so the videos can be played on mobile phones too
  • Some websites are not optimized for mobiles and it is a huge advantage as users also access the websites through mobiles phones or tablets

Video Optimization Tips For SEO

9. Increase Video Visibility

  • Use keywords to increase video visibility
  • Use the most suitable hashtags related to your videos
  • Invest your efforts into keyword research
  • High-visibility keywords allow you to reach a large audience and optimize your video

10. Optimize The Visual Appeal


  • Most people judge a video by its thumbnail
  • You should devote your efforts to making a good and appropriate thumbnail


  • Use metadata that exactly tell the viewers what they are looking into and they must watch it
  • Add the metadata after data compression, so that there is no risk of it wiping out

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How to improve page load time?

If you want the load time of the page to reduce quickly as the user visits your website/page. Prefer using CDN (Content Delivering Network).

Why is video optimization important?

Offering video content is effective for engaging the audience with your audience and keeping them for extra time on your website/page, which is why developers are adding more optimized video content on their websites

Which video formats are best for the web?

MP4 and WebM are the standard formats for platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. MP4 videos are supported by all browsers. WebM is supported by Firefox and Chrome.


Creating the video is not just enough, optimizing the video is the key to getting a high rate of digital viewing. You have to walk the extra mile for this. 44% of people are more likely to buy a product after watching a video.

Uploading videos on a fully optimized website lead to good results for your business such as brand recognition, decreased bounce rates, and conversions. 

With the tips discussed above, you can now work on fixing the more delicate problems. You can create a video that will be well-received among your target audience. The extra struggle is well worth results like these.

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