A Complete and Up-to-Date Guide To Video Prospecting 2022

admin October 25, 2022 - 4:53 am

Video prospecting is a type of virtual prospecting in which a person uses a video message to gain the potential customers’ attention and ultimately increase get sales from them. It is done using Linked In, Email, or other prospecting platforms.

81% of companies say that they directly receive sales through videos. And 97% of marketers prioritize videos over any other content form. So unlike cold emails and calls, a video captures the audience’s attention quickly. 

Moreover, people don’t forget the content easily. So using prospecting videos for marketing purposes will increase engagement rate and boost ROI. 

Why use video prospecting?

About 40% of the sales reps say that prospecting is the hardest part of the sales process. Video prospecting helps in it. It is a big time saver

  • To connect with more than one prospect
  • To increase sales
  • To highlight a part of the marketing content
  • Better than one person meeting
  • Saves time

7 Tips for making best-prospecting videos:

Following a proper and smooth procedure to create a video prospecting ensures delivering the expected results. And if you don’t know how to make videos to outreach, the given prospecting tips will completely help you with it. 

1. Choose Your Timing

First of all, deeply analyze how much time your product/service needs to give a proper idea to the audience and set your video time accordingly. 

2. Research Your Prospect 

Before creating a video, you need to deeply grab the pain/points, dreams, and desires of the target audience. Your message will surely affect the audience if it addresses their problems. 

3. Decide Your Video Format

Before making your video, you need to decide which type of video you need to make. 

Webcam: It’s used for introducing yourself and new products/services of the company. 

Screen Share: Here, showing the products/services along with explaining their features and usage. 

FAQ Videos: Videos based on questions asked about products/services. 

4. Write Your Script 

From a catchy introduction, value, purpose, persuasive CTA, and a grabbing salutation prepare a proper video prospecting script. 

5. Record Your Video Massage 

Before recording the final video, practice a lot. Record your video and listen to it. Whenever you find any mistake in the video, make it again to convey a flawless message to the audience. 

6. Select an Attention-Grabbing Thumbnail 

A video thumbnail entices the audience to play the video. Create a catchy thumbnail with a proper color combination. 

7. Include a CTA 

If driving sales is the purpose of your videos, CTA is the crucial part of your video. Make sure to use the right words for CTA. To write a proper CTA, considering the following point will prove useful: 

– Create a sense of urgency

– Use short & simple words

– Try to be a little creative  

Bottom Line 

Video prospecting is gaining fame day by day because it is the est way to increase a company’s sales. Considering the above-explained tips and practices will prove totally useful if you’re searching for how to increase sales with video prospecting in 202. 

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