Video Resumes | A New Recruitment Trend to Help You Land On a Good Job

admin October 21, 2022 - 9:28 am

In the present era, technology is making our lives easier. The same case goes for recruiting process. The majority of hiring managers use technology to find the best employees. Additionally, the candidates also employ technology to express the best version of themselves to quickly get hired.

Like candidates are moving toward video resumes than written resumes. The video resume trend is one of a kind of virtual recruitment trend. Because people who have video resumes have over 70% chance than those who don’t have a video resume. Moreover, studies show that visuals are grasped 60,000 faster than text.

So a video resume is a prime part of new recruitment trends in 2022 that helps you to become the top-short listed candidate for a job. And the given tips will help you create a stunning and persuasive video resume. 

Tips on Making a Video Resumes 

As mentioned earlier, a video resume not only expresses your communication skills in front of the recruiter but he can judge you even without conducting an interview. Moreover, it also shows how much a candidate is enthusiastic about a job. 

So if you want to create a high-quality video resume, study the following content:

Be Natural: Use a natural tone and avoid overemphasizing your skills and experience because an experienced recruiter can easily judge a candidate’s experience. 

Be Truthful: A survey states that over 70% of resumes have false statements. So don’t falsify any of your experience and be truthful. It will not only give a sound view of your personality but also doesn’t cause any trouble for you in the future if you get hired by the company. 

Be Professional: 99.99% of people want to get the information in a short time span. So while preparing the video resume, make sure that you avoid superfluous information and just explain the industry-oriented topic to enable the recruiter to quickly judge your expertise. 

Show, don’t tell: A picture conveys an idea quicker than words. So try to use visuals in your video resume to keep the recruiter engaged and help him quickly grasp A to Z about your personality and experience. 

A good background: Before making the video, ensure that your background is tidy and there’s no noise in the background. Also, have proper lighting so the recruiter can get a flawless view. 

What to add to a video resume?

There are three parts of video resumes on which you should focus while making a virtual curriculum vitae:

  1. Introduction
  2. Experience
  3. Call to action


In general, while giving an introduction people start with “my name is —-”. Doesn’t the recruiter will get bored while listening to this same sentence from hundreds of job seekers daily?

Make your video resumes unique and start introducing yourself by addressing the company name. For example: “Hello Saleison, My name is Kate john”. This will be helpful in getting the attention of the recruiter.


While talking about your experience, talk about your passion for the work and also tell them about the awards and achievements of your life. You can also add someone to the video as proof of your achievement.

Call to action:

In the end, close your video resume with a call to action. Give them a reason to call you for an interview. i.e, you can say, “I have a lot more to tell you about me, but I cannot cover the whole in this shirt video. If you give me a chance to be interviewed by you, I will be very thankful to you”

Tip: add social media links as proof and your portfolio on your resume.

Other Recruitment Trends 2022

Except for a video resume, there are many other recruitment trends due to technological advancement and the pandemic. To help you be apt in the new recruitment trends and become the first listed candidate, we’ve listed news trends of recruitment in 202. So scroll down to check out. 

Candidate Experience

Just like in the past, candidate experience is the first priority of recruiters while assessing a resume. Thereby, it’s crucial to mention A to Z of your experience while creating a resume. 

Remote Working

The pandemic has greatly changed the hiring process while impacting lives. People can perform their jobs from their homes and receive salaries. However, you must have a quality laptop with a stable internet connection and a distraction-free room. 

Social Media Branding 

Different social media platforms have over 3.5 billion active monthly users. And only LinkedIn has 820 million users. So besides preparing a video resume, building a personal brand on LinkedIn will increase 70% of chances of a job. Recruiters search the job keyword in the search bar and analyze the people’s profiles and proceed with the person whose profile he/she finds suitable. 

Soft Skills 

According to a study on LinkedIn, over 87% of bad hires are caused by a lack of soft skills. Apart from hard skills, recruiters also prioritize candidates’ soft skills. He/she also checks behavioral patterns, body language, choice of words, and ethical dilemmas. So be very careful about these recruitment trends while preparing your video resume. 

AI Recruitment

Artificial Intelligence (AI) falls on the top in new trends in hiring. Recruiters use software to assess the candidate’s capabilities during the interview. 

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a great tool in AI. It directly communicates with the candidate by using chatbot technology. 

Final Thought

Having in-depth knowledge of the new recruitment trends in 2022 and preparing yourself accordingly is important if you want to land a desired job. 

From persuasive experience history, soft skills, remote working, Artificial Intelligence tools, and social media branding are the best new hiring trends but video resume falls on the top among all of them. 

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