15 Effective YouTube Description Ideas To Increase Views

admin November 2, 2022 - 6:43 am

People prefer Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram platforms over Youtube to upload video content that increases their video views and followers. But the truth is Youtube is the most powerful platform to meet your marketing needs.

One of the most vital tasks for optimizing your YouTube channel is to create an engaging YouTube description. Remember that the description should be at least 250 characters long. The first 100 to 150 characters of your channel description are the most important.

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Writing a description is an essential part of the overall Youtube stat. We have given different YouTube description ideas to drive up audience traffic. 

Types of Youtube Description

There are two types of descriptions.

  1. Youtube Channel Description:

The Channel description is about page. It helps the viewers to understand what should they expect from your brand. Or it can be used to explain why they should subscribe to your channel.

2. Youtube Video Description:

It is the text below each video. It helps viewers find your video content and persuades them to watch it. It can also include links or any additional information related to your video.

Tips To Write Perfect Youtube Description

It is a frequently asked question What is a good Youtube description? So here are the tips to make an optimized description.

  1. Tell the reader what your channel is about:
  • Describe the benefits of your channel in a few words
  • If the viewers follow you or go through your content, what will they get from it?

2. Keep it casual:

Keep your video conversational. People click on your About to know more about you, not to see a long string of keywords.

3. Be Brief:

Think of your description as an appetizer, not the main course. It should be brief that set the tone for further tasks. Writing too much dulls everything. Describe your YouTube Channel with viral Hashtags.

4. Link to more info:

Add a link to give more information about your content.

5. End on a strong CTA (Call to action):

What do you want the viewer to do further,  add a call to action. You can ask them to subscribe, turn on the notifications or point them to the next video. Click here to find the best Call to actions for videos.

Youtube Description Ideas and Examples

To get inspiration on how to write Youtube bio descriptions for Youtube videos and channels. We have discussed some ideas about it, you can have the know-how on writing Youtube description text or add the above tips to the description of your video or channel.

1. DIY Youtube Channel (ProsDIY.com)

diy youtube channel description example

It hits all the important points need in a description. It tells what you should write in the first paragraph and why should trust it as a reference for advice.

2. Youtube Gaming Channel (EDHRECast )


It has calls to action and links in the video descriptions and allows the viewers to engage with the creators.

3. Youtube Sports Channel (Global Cycling Network)


Global cycling network uses its banner as a separate space to add a call to action. They do that if someone misses the call to action in the description, so it can be seen there.

4. Youtube Music Channel (Oriental Star Agencies Channel)


To increase discoverability, it includes music metadata. It allows adding of a video description with musicians and bands that relate to the artist of the title It is one of the cool youtube channel descriptions.

5. Youtube Environmental Channel (Wild Versus)

Youtube-Environmental-Channel description ideas

It adds a lot of links in the additional information of the video description. But they also make sure to keep the keyword-driven copy in the opening paragraph.

6. Digital Marketing Channel (Wes McDowell) 

Digital-Marketing-Channel-description ideas

It tells the mission of the channel in the channel description. The description also has the topics listed featured in the video. It also invites the viewers to subscribe and tells the benefits of subscribing in the description.

7. Yoga With Adriene (Fitness Channel)

Yoga-With-Adriene-channel description

Its description gives the viewers a glimpse into the channel, which creates a connection with the viewer. It is aligned with morals and values that subscribers identify, and the viewers urge to subscribe to the channel.

8. Youtube Channels for Couples(Wild Wonderful Off Grid) 

Youtube-Channels-for-Couples description ideas

It tells its niche in the channel by using the keywords off the grid, self-reliant, and building our own home. It attracts viewers who are interested in living off the grid and also invites the viewers to its online stores and social media platforms.

9. The Pals Youtube Gaming Channel

The-Pals-Youtube-Gaming-Channel description ideas

This youtube channel focuses on the entertainment that it is providing to the viewer. Its description targets those who are interested in gaming.

10. Ceramist Youtube Channel (Florian Gadsby) 

Ceramist-Youtube-Channel-description ideas

It introduces the channel’s creator in the description. It tells what are they expecting to see when they subscribe to the channel and also provides information about the online store and its stocking schedule.

11. Unbox Therapy (Product Unboxing Channel)

Product-Unboxing-Channel description ideas

This channel attracts viewers through a captivating tagline and straightforward description of its content. It also has an email in the description, so the viewers can inquire about the business and ask other questions relevant to the channel.

12. SciShow (Discovery Channel)

Discovery-Channel description ideas

This youtube channel gives updates about their upcoming videos in their description. It allows them to come at the time of upload on their channel. This way youtube algorithm boosts the channel to a wider audience.

13. Entrepreneur Youtube Channel (Brian Dean) 

Entrepreneur-Youtube-Channel-description ideas

Brian dean adds a touch of his personality to the channel description, a fun, and unique voice. The description mirrors the way he speaks. It is candid, casual, and friendly.

14. The SorryGirls (DIY Crafts Youtube Channel)

DIY-Crafts-Youtube-Channel description ideas

They only have one paragraph in their channel description and readers eventually know what kind of videos they upload on their channel. 

15. Fancy Hair (Hair Growth Secrets Youtube Channel)


In her channel description, she takes a large part of the description in promoting her hair growth calendar. Also, She uses plenty of keywords and discusses her website.


Youtube description spike up the audience interest that results in more watch time, more views, and more subscribers. Applying the above youtube description examples and tips, you can optimize your video. It allows the Youtube algorithm to suggest your content to new users and boost your youtube stats.

Hopefully, The SEO-friendly YouTube description ideas we discussed have given you a better understanding of what to write in your channel/video description. It is one of the crucial parts of advertising your content on a large scale. If the description is good, it will make the viewers come again and again and engage with your content.

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